Elliot Rosen

Is passionate about creating, growing, leading and teaching others how to succeed in the government contracting business. Elliot’s background in organizing large-scale complex assignments makes him a valuable addition to our team.




Elliot brings more than 36 years of leadership in government and management consulting to Springer Lawson. Most recently, he successfully sold his share of BayFirst Solutions, a company he co-founded in 2002 and grew to be twice named one of Washington DC’s fastest growing companies. Previously, Elliot was a partner and vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, serving in a range of capacities for 18 years. Within one year, he turned a major telcom contract around from an $800,000 loss to the largest revenue generating contract in the history of Booz Allen to that time. He led a team of 600 engineers and analysts split between Booz Allen and 35 subcontractor companies at six offices across the U.S. For his technical leadership, Elliot received Booz Allen’s highest accolade, the Professional Excellence Award.  From his first positions at PRC, then Booz Allen, and BayFirst, Elliot has had central roles winning, organizing and leading large-scale, complex assignments in homeland security, telecommunications, national security matters, healthcare and information technology.

Education and Credentials
  • BS, Wittenberg University
  • MS, Ohio University
Functional and Specialization
  • Managing risk in business ownership;
  • Developing generations of leaders;
  • Providing management and client issue diagnostics as Consulting Executive, CEO, COO or Board Leader;
  • Sharing start up skills;
  • Setting tactical and strategic direction;
  • Managing client, staff, and subcontractor relations in the government contracting world;
  • Overseeing job management and developing a culture of client service; and
  • Enculturating financial management key measures and discipline.
Professional Highlights
  • At DCA Command and Control Technical Center, became expert the details of the World Wide Military Command and Control System (WWMCCS) as the principal editor of the 400-page technical users manual.
  • At NASA, became the number two person running the Headquarters Data Communications facility between Headquarters and the NASA Centers around the US
  • At Booz Allen Hamilton, assisted the National Communications System (NCS) with the development of tools and methods for providing assured telecommunications capability to the President and the National Command Authority. Oversaw the development of sophisticated network performance models that examined the effects of certain wartime scenarios.
  • Was solely responsible for preparing the technical materials to the diplomatic package to upgrade to the Washington-Moscow Hotline while the Cold War was still hot.
  • Changed firm’s policies regarding personnel training and development opportunities to make the policies standard across the business instead of practice-by-practice.
  • Recognized for leader development with an appointment from the US Coast Guard Academy as Special Representative to the Director’s Coordinating Council of the Admiral James M. Loy Institute for Leadership.
  • At BayFirst, became broadly engaged across the Department of Homeland Security with contracts in USCIS, CBP, USCG, ICE, TSA, USSS, NPPD, and S&T. In its first year, the company was awarded a Basic Purchasing Agreement, then a Schedule 70 contract that led to a DHS USCG Technical Business Support Services (TABSS) contract.  BayFirst became the most successful small business contractor on TABSS.
  • Oversaw company growth between 2002 and 2016 from two employees to approximately 200 full-time staff and another 200 subcontract employees and was twice recognized as among the area’s fastest growing companies.
  • Currently serves as Chairman of the Bowdoin International Music Festival, one of the top chamber music festivals in North America.