Growth and Operational Performance Improvement: GovCon


A veteran owned business was nearing graduation of their small, disadvantaged (SDVOSB) status. They had outgrown several of their NAICS codes and needed a plan to compete for full and open, government wide acquisition contracts (GWAC). In a proactive manner looking towards the future, the company realized they needed a strategic plan to define their goals (where they wanted to take the Company) with a roadmap (describing how to reach their desired end state). The mid-sized government contractor needed assistance to: a) expand their services into new markets; b) accelerate the launch of their software as a service product; c) align resources for maximum efficiency; d) implement financial and back office controls; e) identify and remediate performance gaps in support of creating a scalable growth platform company.

SLA Solution

Without a strategic plan, the Company was at risk of losing valuable business development and support resources. The management team was becoming frustrated due to conflicting or unclear goals and staff resources needed reassurance that leadership had or was developing a plan to continue after graduating from their SDVOB status. Additionally, careful analysis of the Company’s existing backlog mixed with their sales pipeline was needed to maintain their base while pursuing future business. Implementing financial controls and improving their budgeting process was important to maintain competitive bill rates and prioritize spend. Planning was also necessary to ensure investments were being made judiciously, in a deliberate and strategic manner.

The SLA Difference

Based on a detailed assessment and strategic planning work sessions, SLA developed a strategic plan with a detailed roadmap describing prioritized imperatives for growth. The plan provided information specific to establishing and maintaining a channel strategy, steps required to enter new markets, details regarding a go-to-market plan for their software as a service products; ideas for innovation and new revenue sources; organization restructuring and realignment and suggestions to differentiate and add value to their growth platform Company.

By developing a strategic plan with a detailed roadmap, the Company has a framework with actionable steps to create a growth platform. Imperatives are defined to measure performance and ensure accountability. Further, the Company has a plan to maintain their customer base while accelerating bid submissions and pursuing new markets. New products and services are included with suggestions to market differentiation and competitive advantage.