Restructuring and Turnarounds

Quickly stabilizing performance

When organizations are experiencing business challenges, Springer Lawson & Associates can help stabilize performance. We devise a plan to achieve positive cash flow as quickly as possible, then develop a strategic plan which is supported by a detailed cash flow forecast.  This typically involves:

  • Reviewing company strategy, operations, financial status, workforce structure/people, and capacity for change.
  • Rationalization of workforce, sale, or discontinuance of poorly performing divisions/product lines.
  • Achieving buy-in with key internal and external stakeholders, helping restore the confidence of lenders, creditors and investors.
  • Developing a positive internal approach to minimize potential attrition and loss of revenue during the turnaround period.

Our professionals frequently assume C-level roles

This provides interim management during the restructuring/turnaround period. We are experienced in making the tough decisions that incumbent management can find difficult and troubling. Drawing upon extensive experience serving as interim executives, our team provides key insight to management and the Board of Directors who may not be familiar with change management.

Benchmarking progress and positioning for future growth

As the Company progresses through the restructuring/turnaround process, we ensure that any mid-course corrections are made as warranted. We provide timely feedback to management and the Board so key decision-makers remain informed of all developments. Our goal is to achieve plan goals in the most expeditious and efficient manner, and then position the company for future growth as we work through the turnaround/restructuring process.