Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions

Expertise and responsiveness throughout every stage of a transaction

Springer Lawson & Associates works side-by-side with our clients throughout the course of a transaction to ensure that their interests are properly represented.

Sell Side

Working with owners and management to maximize enterprise value. We analyze financial and operational value drivers to identify value/performance gaps and inefficiencies. As part of our pre-transaction support, we develop improvement plans to prevent buyer discounting and impairment of value. Additionally, we provide exit/transition plans to manage and meet objectives.

Pre-diligence assessments. We are frequently engaged to perform “pre” diligence assessments to help identify and mitigate potential transaction risks before they become a problem during the sale process.

Buy Side

Ensuring our clients’ strategic objectives are met. We work with clients throughout the process to deliver focused, value-added services tailored in scope to our client’s specific circumstances. In addition to standard buy-side diligence, we work with clients on strategy development, purchase price allocation and post-merger integration. Our services also include transaction modeling, identification of cost synergies, and revenue optimization.

Our due diligence approach includes:

  • Analyses of profitability by segment, customer and services line
  • Perform historical working capital assessment
  • Review of operational and free cash flows
  • Quality of earnings reports
  • Identification of operational drivers
  • Assessing the target’s operations, recorded and unrecorded liabilities and quality of assets

Post-Merger Integration

Fully realizing the value of a merger or acquisition. In the M&A process, the success of post-merger integration can make the difference in fully realizing the financial and operational benefits of a transaction. Springer Lawson & Associates assists clients in developing a comprehensive strategy and structure for the new combined entity, including creating a scalable platform with the flexibility to support existing organic growth and strategic growth through future acquisitions. Developing this platform includes identifying, assessing, and addressing the following for the combined entity:

  • Structure
  • Systems
  • Processes
  • Staffing
  • Roles

While organizations frequently take on the integration process internally, they may not have the operational bandwidth to handle the rigors of the process along with their day jobs. We fill that gap and provide the unique perspective of having performed integration efforts on previous engagements. This helps mitigate the risk associated with more complex integrations and ensures that the process is completed as expeditiously as possible.

Post-merger integration often begins prior to the buying process. We help clients understand current back-office and operational capabilities. This helps us identify and address those processes, functions or staffing that may prove fragile as the company continues to grow.

During and following a transaction, we help realign the new organization. Our capabilities include:

  • Integration management office (IMO) and program management office (PMO) services
  • Development and implementation of corporate governance
  • Convergence of back office functions and processes
  • Managing transition service agreements
  • Developing a future state operating model and supporting rationalization/synergy efforts

Facilitating integration and freeing management to concentrate on growth. Our professionals ensure that your integration efforts are successful by identifying risk factors and mitigating them quickly. We reduce the risk of failed integrations that lead to unexpected losses, drain management time, and decrease employee morale.

Our Transaction/M&A services are delivered by professionals who have worked transactions from the buy and sell side as Company officers, M&A professionals, outside advisors, and auditors. This provides us with a unique 360-degree perspective as we assist our clients through the sale process.

Our transaction services are easily adapted to meet the needs of companies seeking debt or equity financing.