Transaction | Mergers & Acquisition: Private Equity Portfolio Company


Our client was a portfolio company of a Private Equity Fund. We were engaged to assist management in all aspects of the sale process including diligence readiness, review of definitive documents, assistance with policy and procedure development and implementation (including documentation of compliance with key accounting pronouncements), assistance with backlog, pipeline and waterfall documentation and providing management with assistance in handling the year end audit. Management had little previous M&A experience and was substantially new to the rigors of the sale process.

SLA Solution

SLA provided PT CFO services as well as surge support to address diligence readiness, data room preparation, policy and procedure review and development, and year end audit- related support services. We also met with senior management and service line heads and took a lead role in helping prepare the pipeline and waterfall analysis. Lastly, we worked side by side with entity management through the sale process and provided key internal services that management did not otherwise have time to address due to the time constraints associated with working on the transaction.

The SLA Difference

SLA was able to provide key services to management, both related to the sale transaction and day-to-day financial operations of the business. This team approach helped result in a successful transaction outcome.