Experience + Expertise = Value

Springer Lawson & Associates’ experienced CEOs, CFOs and CTOs have successfully created and sold businesses; managed M&A deals; grown sales pipelines; restructured and managed workforces, reduced operating costs and grown annual revenues; and turned around struggling businesses.

Highlights from the extensive careers of our professional team include:

  • Managed turnaround of one of the world’s largest PE firm’s portfolio company increasing revenue by $100 million with 85% capture rate and $230M sales pipeline
  • Helped lead aerospace and defense contractor through a sell side transaction; prevented impairment of value by proactively addressing DCAA and external audit issues
  • Integrated a $100M security company into the $100B parent organization resulting in a go-to-market strategy with an enhanced security services offering
  • Led a post-911 $400M Command, Communication Survivability Program to transform the Pentagon’s communications infrastructure
  • Led the carve out of a $50M operating unit to win multiple purchase offers
  • Created a new $6M revenue source and reduced $3M in operating costs for an international publishing and digital media company
  • Led 300-member sales team to meet $400M annual sales quota for one of the world’s largest telecoms
  • Turned around a $50 million defense contractor from a significant loss to breakeven to positive at the EBITDA line over a 6-month period
  • Consolidated five factories with 21 product lines into one operation that generated $250 million in revenue for a manufacturer
  • Implemented sales processing and accounting systems for a parent company and two subsidiaries that increased net income from 6% to 12% of sales
  • Raised $12M in VC funding for a leading education company
  • Led or supported IPOs resulting in raise of over $135 million
  • Founded and sold a mid-sized government contracting firm with an Intel services unit that grew more than 30% per year for 5 years
  • Led turnaround of a major telecom consulting contract from losing $100K per month to earning $50-60M per year for 10 years
  • Co-founded and led a $45M per year government contractor
  • Participated in over 40 M&A transactions, buy and sell side


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