Growth and Operational Performance Improvement

Analyzing how and why companies want to grow

Springer Lawson & Associates works closely with business owners and management teams to develop growth strategies for middle market and portfolio companies. We start by understanding our client’s business, the nuances within the market and company itself, and management’s strategic vision. We evaluate a company’s growth plans and define the way forward.

Defining what it will take to succeed:

  • The right growth plan. Companies may be seeking top line revenue growth at the expense of profitability, a balanced growth plan (revenue and profit), a very conservative year-over-year growth plan or a recovery/retrenching growth strategy. The reasons for each growth strategy vary based on desired outcomes, timeframes, limitations, risks, and ability to execute.
  • The ability to scale. We work with management to assess whether a company has the management team, infrastructure and platform to scale as the growth plan is executed.
  • A sound go-to-market strategy. We assist with customer and market analysis, competitive analysis and differentiation, how products/services are packaged, unique selling propositions, drivers, trends and other key aspects of the go-to-market strategy.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting. We help management teams develop detailed models that serve as a tool to measure progress toward financial goals. These tools help identify when midcourse corrections may be needed – and serve as a basis for developing and implementing key performance indicators that are requisite to track ongoing performance.

Assisting organizations that are underperforming or seeking profit improvement

When management, the Board of Directors, or private equity investors question whether all steps are being taken to maximize profitability, Springer Lawson & Associates can do more than identify problems: we help clients find and implement the right solutions. We perform operational assessments that capture and analyze data including EBITDA, cash flow, revenue and margin improvement, productivity enhancement, and strategic planning and growth strategies.

Specific steps for finding hidden value and improving performance, including how to address:

  • Inefficiencies and overspending
  • Poor financial/management reporting and information accuracy
  • Organizational misalignment
  • Technology gaps in support of business requirements
  • Lack of defined strategy
  • Outdated, limited or absent policies and procedures

From recommendations into real-world actions

After reviewing our recommendations, clients often request that we continue to work with them to facilitate implementation and provide a more aggressive path to achieve the desired outcome. Our active involvement allows management to continue to perform its “day” job rather than take on additional responsibilities that may result in decreased operational efficiency.