Experienced Guides Through an Increasingly Risky Terrain

Springer Lawson & Associates is a boutique consulting firm founded by former CEOs, CFOs and CTOs who are experts at managing, transforming and optimizing enterprise value for middle-market clients.

We work as partners with private equity, business owners and/or management teams.  Our highly experienced professionals work as part of our clients’ own teams, achieving next-level business value by:

  • Improving Operational Performance
  • Solving Complex Problems
  • Discovering New Directions
  • Accelerating Growth
Springer Lawson Investment Bankers Private Equity Investors Business Valuation Consultants Commercial Lenders Accounting Firms Merger & Aquisition Attorneys
Advise on strategic planning and corporate finance
Assess and advise on growth strategies and operational performance improvement
Assess and advise on change management and transformation
Assess and advise on restructuring and turnarounds
Embed experienced CXOs to manage and execute key areas
Advise and Prepare on exit strategies and aquisitions
Assemble Advisory Boards
Derive fees from transactions

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Bringing Unique Perspectives and Visionary Planning to Middle-market Enterprises

Springer Lawson & Associates has experts with the high-caliber résumés you find at the world’s biggest consulting firms. The difference is that as a boutique firm we have lower overhead and greater agility to adapt this high-level expertise to the needs – and budgets – of middle-market businesses.

We team with owners, investors and industry experts based on the unique requirements for each engagement. This allows for a comprehensive view in developing growth strategies, optimizing enterprise performance, working through M&A transactions, securing capital and preparing for the future.