Change Management and Transformation

Solving complex organizational, technical and financial problems

Using a fact-based approach, Springer Lawson & Associates provides an experienced third-party view that empowers management teams to work through the challenges that can accompany change and transformation.

Expertise in transforming organizations in nearly all major industries by:

  • Redesigning their business models
  • Creating or redesigning organizational structures
  • Adding, eliminating or enhancing product/service capabilities
  • Developing or redesigning business processes and workflows
  • Improving communications
  • Implementing governance
  • Supplying interim executive management to fill gaps

Managing expectations

We work closely with private equity firms, boards, owners and management teams to formulate plans that are realistic and achievable. Once we’ve helped clients find the right solution, we develop a roadmap for implementation and provide periodic reviews to ensure that execution plans and directives are on course. Additionally, we provide expert guidance to make any adjustments necessary to achieve desired outcomes and goals.