Michael P. Norcio

Likes to start with a “big picture” strategic view and direction of an organization, then to get into the tactical activities that make it grow, be profitable, and be able to provide compensation rewards. Ultimately, Michael helps SLA’s clients to increase their companies’ intrinsic value.




Michael has a 43 year association with MAR, Incorporated (from Intern to Owner) and as the Chairman and CEO provided comprehensive leadership in providing services and solutions to company customers in the areas of Information Technology and Cybersecurity, Intelligence and Special Programs, Systems Engineering and Integration, and Facilities Management and Marine Operations. He also provided effective leadership in the areas of Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Administration, Information Technology Systems, Contracts and Purchasing, Technical Management, and Business Development. Michael purchased the firm in 2003 from the Company ESOP Plan and paid nearly 400 ESOP participants a premium pay out compared to most recent appraisal without any ERISA related complaints. He led the sale of MAR Incorporated and its subsidiary, MAR Range Services, LLC, to Oasis Systems LLC of Lexington, MA. Following the sale, Michael served as the President of the MAR Division of Oasis Systems, LLC and President MAR Range Services, LLC.

Education and Credentials
  • MBA, Marymount University
  • BS, Wake Forest University
Functional and Specialization
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning for Success
  • Marketing Organization, Strategies, and Execution
  • Company Systems and Processes
  • Pre- and Post Merger Planning and Integration
  • Due Diligence
  • Commercial Real Estate, Compensation Plans
  • Value Creation and Financial Management
Professional Highlights
  • Managed technical business units in the performance of contract requirements while maintaining quality services at proposed profit levels.
  • Regularly visited and communicated with off-site offices interfacing with customers and employees about quality work, delivery of services, and continued business.
  • Worked on Business Development activities including complex technical and cost proposals related to re-competes and new business involving prime contracts, subcontracts, joint ventures and strategic alliances.
  • Was responsible for overseeing and directing all corporate accounting, treasury, budgeting, forecasting, audit, and tax activities for the organization.
  • Evaluated the organization’s financial performance to deliver backlog, revenue, and profit, and address cost issues as needed.
  • Supervised and oversaw all activities related to the Human Resources department, including but not limited to insurance and benefits administration, employee record administration, governmental regulatory compliance, all legal and EEO matters, recruiting, and the Company ISO 9001 2015 registration.
  • Developed and provided oversight of company systems/infrastructure including MIS functions, the Defense Industrial Security Program, Health and Safety Program, ISO 9001 2015, and Risk Management/insurance.
  • Supervised and provided oversight for related activities of company Contracts and Purchasing department including contract and subcontract negotiations, teaming agreements, and problem resolution.
  • Directed all company and off-site real estate activities including facility planning, lease negotiation, record keeping and cost control.